Simple Acts of Kindness

I have been debating with myself whether or not to share this but quite frankly it is far too beautiful for me not to share it. The smallest act of kindness, even if it is just a brief smile to a stranger as you walk past them on the street is enough to brighten anyone’s day and so when someone who I barely know, took the time out to not only read my blog but actually write a lengthy reply you can begin to understand why it genuinely made my day. I will of course respect her anonymity and the person whom she included in her opening.

“Hey. I know I don’t personally know you. I liked what you had to say when you ran and what I found even better is that you did what you said and reached out to Bilal. Your passion for equality and activism is inspiring and I’ve enjoyed your statuses on Facebook (in a non stalky way haha, they pop up on my news feed).

I did see your blog status today. I have my own blog which I like people to read. Because if people can understand the messages I put across , then they know me deeply, even if they are a reader I don’t really know. I like having readers that understand. So I read the first few posts on yours. I hope you don’t mind that. You write the truth beautifully.

I felt I wanted to answer you with my thoughts. I don’t know you so I don’t really know how to interact with you. But Peter sounds like a wonderful guy. He must have been very strong to deal with his depression. But I am sure you helped him too. Your friendship and support would have made such a difference to his life. He wasn’t alone and he knew that. You shared something extraordinary together and he enjoyed that too. I’m sure you inspired him just as much. Having you made an important difference to him.
You can’t always stop people from ending their life, but you made a difference to his life.

And I’m sure he understood how much he helped you too. He would have seen it.
And I’m sure he would have seen the difference you made to his life, just the same as you see the difference he made to yours. It’s mutual but I’m sure he knew he helped and that you were thankful. Thanks sometimes doesn’t need to be said when it’s known.

I know I don’t know him. And I don’t know why you two were together either. But, I always like to think that you never really lose someone. Not just because of memories either. He has made such an impact on you. He has helped to make you the person you are today. He’s a part of you in that sense. Live for yourself and make him proud.

I’m glad you have supportive friends who care about you. Counselling is more about helping you on your way with coming to terms with it. And a bit of extra support. You know what’s best for you and whatever you decide I’m sure will be right. But if you do decide to go, it wont be a waste of their time at all. Something shocking and terribly sad has happened to you and any counsellor would want to support you with that. Everyone is human and has things they need a bit of support with. Nothing is wrong with that. With humour and sarcasm everyone does it and that’s ok, but you have every right to be upset and to express that too. Bottling things up makes those bad feelings go inside and hurt you. Easier said than done I know. Sometimes just letting a little out at first can be a relief.

As for Paris. I hardly know of your situation and maybe you don’t feel ready, I don’t know. But keep Peter in mind. We all have to take a leap when the time is right, it’s just a matter of when. You are stronger than you think. I’m sure Peter saw that, even I do, almost a stranger.

I hope I haven’t rattled on with a load of unhelpful rubbish or upset you in any way. My intention was to help even the smallest bit. If you would ever like to talk to me you would always be welcome. If not that’s fine too.

Don’t feel you have to reply.
But Your not ever alone.”

Now, you can see why this message made my day. The compassion and honesty that this person showed to me is astounding and something to be truly thankful for and most certainly look up to. Whether they realise it or not they are a role model to all their peers because if I can see what an amazing and supportive individual they are then so will all those around them.


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