Walking Barefoot…

So I decided to walk around barefoot for the day. Don’t worry, there is a reason for this madness. Some may say that it is merely another addition to my recent eccentric behaviour. However, as I like to put it, my normality. Welcome to my life. 😀

Anyway, back to the point. My friend Brian is raising money for the older population in Uganda and to do so he thought of a quirky way to do it. Most people do a sponsored run or bike ride and some even do bungee jumping or sky-diving. However, Brian decided that he would walk around barefoot. I bet you’re thinking that doesn’t seem to bad right? That you walk around your home barefoot usually? Well, he’s doing it for a month and literally everywhere! Not at work though, for health and safety reasons.

There were three ways that I could get involved.

1. Spreading the message of what Brian is doing;

2. Donating;

3. Perhaps the most challenging – actually joining him in going barefoot.

Never one for doing anything by halves I decided to actually do all three! Yesterday, I went about my day barefoot. So I went to uni, the Student’s Union, the corner shop and my friends end of year performance. Along the way I did get some rather strange looks from passers-by but whenever I could I would talk to them and explain what I was doing and how they can get involved!

I probably should have checked the weather forecast before I decided do take on the challenge. It rained pretty much solidly all afternoon. To say my feet where wet is a bit of an understatement. It was somewhat fun even after the novelty had worn off. Apparently it’s good for your feet too!

Brian Alcorn is an amazing guy so please do check out his website… http://www.barefootbrian.webs.com

Peace and love!



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