A Stream of Consciousness

To start: Welcome to my stream of consciousness…

Sometimes we can have a longing for something or someone and then life does this funny little thing where it completely throws you off balance by placing you in another situation with someone else rather unexpectedly even if it may be quite lovely at the same time. It certainly makes for an interesting turn of events and certainly something that keeps one on their toes. I certainly was not expecting this to happen but it has and I suppose it’s all about going with the flow and seeing where things go right? Or maybe it’s all moving a little too fast and I need to deal with one thing at a time?

Perhaps I ought to spend more time living in the moment rather than distancing myself from it in a heap of overthinking and nervousness? That makes more sense and something that is less taxing on the brain and a little more fun. Hmm, either way regardless of the situation or the people involved it’s Ramadan at the moment and that is my first and most important priority for now.

To end: Well done if you managed to read this and make any sense of it…


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