What is Beauty?

It is when strangers smile at you as you walk past;
It is when people say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’;
It is when someone gives up their seat so you can sit;

It is when the early morning air is crisp enough to see your breath;
It is when you walk past a colourful field of flowers;
It is when you see a line of ants walking in unity and togetherness;

It is when you win the affection of children;
It is when you unleash your inner child;
It is when you can get down to a child’s level;

It is when you feel alive and energised;
It is the soothing of your soul;
It is the innocent flirting and banter;

It is when friends without realising, help you to feel comfortable;
It is when friends support you and are there for you;
It is when friends give you a sense of belonging, trust and love;

It is when friends are able to comfort you without doing much;
It is when friends help you to explore your identity;
It is when friends accept you and love you in all your diversity;

It is not just about physicality;
It is not just shallowness;
It is not just about what is on the outside;

It is not just about the superficial;
It is not just skin-deep;
It is not just about wealth or money.

Beauty for me, is the appreciation of all the simple things in life; the things that money cannot buy.

What is beauty for you?


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