At the same time of writing this I have just received ‘number 1 fan’ status from the wonderful Louise herself. #AwesomeStuff

Anyway, I thought I’d offer a little commentary rather than just re-blogging my friend’s post.

I love reading about Louise’s adventures of travelling back to her homeland. It has been inspiring reading about her journey to say the very least and she hasn’t even gone yet!

If I’m being totally honest, it has got me thinking of embarking on a little adventure of my own. For a long time, well, forever, I have always felt at odds with my culture because of my feminism and sexuality. It has only been very recently that I’ve started to feel comfortable with reclaiming my culture in all my diversity as a queer feminist Muslim. I’ve been using the hashtag of ‘#QueeringAsianDress’ to explore my identity of my culture and sexuality in terms of South Asian cultural dress but mixing it up with Western styles too. I consider myself a hybrid, a cultural fusion if you will of East meets West with a twist of queer in the mix too!

It is proving to be a wonderful journey that I am increasingly being comfortable in embarking on and I have noticed that even my mum has started to see these changes in me which obviously mean that I must be doing something right but more importantly, that I am comfortable on this journey. I’m finding it really empowering and what inspires me the most in continuing this journey is seeing other other people embark on theirs as it offers you great solace in knowing that you are not alone and even as scary as it may well be, that it’s all worth it.

My dissertation has revitalised my passion and desire in wanting to learn more about my culture and my history. Did you know that South Asia has had the most female Heads of State than anywhere else in the world? Well, I didn’t either! Anyway, I digress. My point is, it is wonderful and totally an inner smile moment when you see people fulfilling their dreams and unknowingly inspire you to think about travelling back to your homeland in order to learn the language, the culture from the source and also the history of where my ancestors have come from whilst also trying to help and make an impact in any way that I am able to.

So yeah, here’s my friends blog… Enjoy. 🙂


Oh the places you’ll go! Nothing like Dr. Seuss to sum up your life. Quite nicely.

Things are looking good. Exciting. Scary. And real. When I started all this, signed up for the programe, I didn’t really think anything would come of it. May sound silly to start something so big that you think you may not finish… But Rwanda has always been something so impossible, yet at the same time the one thing that I kept wishing for.

Oh the places you’ll go! There was no way to know where this adventure would take me. I haven’t even reached Rwanda yet, and the adventure has already been phenomenal.

284679_10152463425525654_1436497363_nMy latest adventure has taken me to the Rwanda High Commission, in London. And what a day it was! My friend recommended that I got in touch with them, and admittedly, when he said this, I just looked at him…

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