Tashane? Say what?

So this evening a friend and I got talking about a show that we love – The L Word (yeah I know it’s finished but hey, we still love it!) and we were discussing our likeness to certain characters… Do you ever do that? Identify with characters in shows you enjoy? I feel like a lot of people do that? Or maybe that’s just me projecting? I don’t know. 

Anyway, she likened herself to Dina – Tina and Dana. Now, I know they were never a couple but we were talking about our personality matches. Tina because she identifies as ‘bi’ and the said friend totally has the hots for strong, assertive and independent women like Bette so Tina as a personality match makes perfect sense. She also said Dana which I can see in terms of her coming-out story/personal life so that too makes sense. So, Dina makes a lot of sense and in a way you wouldn’t expect – as in the sheer amount of likeness… It’s interesting.

I didn’t have a clue who I’d liken myself to and she joked Jenny. Like, actually Jenny Schecter… I get everyone has some form of drama in their lives and Allah only knows I’ve had my fair share over the years but wow. No. Her proper answer was Tasha and Shane. Quite the oxymoron right? Tasha is incredibly incredibly disciplined and served in the US army and Shane in stark contrast lives life on a day to day basis just chillin’ and getting into a whole heap of drama with a whole heap of women. 

My friend explained her choices:

Tasha – because I’m very moral and I honour my commitments whilst adding even if I am a bit late every time. She totes wrote every time in capital letters too… (My timekeeping is a lot better than it used to be!)

Shane – a bit like Shane because I’m loyal – like super loyal (again emphasis on the super in caps). Also adding that I’m a social butterfly, get along with everybody, always seeing the good in people and she also mentioned my love of women with a wink at the end… Take from that what you will. Oh, and she also mentioned that Shane and I both don’t like to wear bras. God only knows why she remembers that…! 😉 (She may hate me a little bit for writing that but it’s fun pushing her buttons…)

While these choices seemed to be an odd combination at first I do agree with her. She’s such a great judge of character and has chosen my characters perfectly!

I always find it interesting when we compare or rather liken ourselves to characters in our favourite TV shows. It’s a great way to start a self-evaluation session which I feel important to do every so often. It’s a great to take some time out and look at ourselves – really look at ourselves – critically. You know, the kinds of things like who we are, what type of person we are, our positives, our negatives, our strengths and our weaknesses – all of those sorts of things. I often find that these exercises take a fair amount of energy so it’s something you do need to take time out for but I feel that self-evaluation is important to self-improvement and self-realisation within society and indeed the world around us. 

(This post was meant to a be a light-hearted one but this is how my brain works. Sorry not sorry.)

So, which character/s from which show would you liken yourself to and why?


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