Q&A: What’s your opinion on strippers?

What’s your opinion on strippers?

I was a little nervous when I read this question. I’m still so conscious of how the dynamics of my religion and political beliefs play out. Most times they overlap greatly and my religion informs my political beliefs and vice versa.

So with a little hesitation let me begin.

Before I became politicised, before I identified as a feminist and before I even had a clue (good God, I feel so bad for even saying this and I haven’t even said it yet!), I used to judge strippers and those in similar professions – like really REALLY badly. I thought it was seedy and degrading and I really couldn’t understand why any self-respecting (see the judgement there?!) woman could even consider doing such a ‘job’. I couldn’t understand why taking your clothes off for a living was even considered a living.

Urgh and the menz sitting there perving and getting off on these women who are likely to be half their damn age and not even feel any guilt. Like what the fuck is that? Gross.

And now?

Well, I know the Islamic view on modesty and I really do get that but I’m stuck between believing and loving my faith while also having a completely pro-choice outlook on everything including stripping and sex work. I still feel like those two aspects of my belief are at odds with one another but it’s what I believe. I am a practicing Muslim and I am pro-choice from stripping, to sex work, to abortions.

I know I still have work to do when it comes to challenging my faith because I feel like the patriarchal and sexist version of it due to my upbringing is the one instilled in me and the one I am continually having to challenge because aspects of it still remain. Like I said earlier though, I am pro-choice and support women in all their endeavours even if it’s something that I may personally not want to do myself.

This is a small side note but I feel that more protection needs to be put in place for women who are a part of this industry. And none of this Nordic Model rubbish but actually laws which protect women’s choice and defend them from violence. Oh, and also, I can’t help but feel like choice doesn’t exist in a vacuum but I feel like that is a discussion for another blog.

In short, my views have changed a lot from looking down on strippers and sex workers, to understanding the sometimes women really do need to do it to make an ends meet i.e. financially hence my point about choice not existing in a vacuum but also understanding that actually, some women do enjoy it and that’s okay too.

I hope that answers your question.

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One thought on “Q&A: What’s your opinion on strippers?

  1. Would you think the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم would recommend a female companion to do such …. the way of taqwa is through the prophet PBUH, whenever faced with a paradox think of how the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم would have protected women not what liberalism and humanism wants you to promote. #SoulCheck

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