It’s been a while…

… and I don’t even know where to start. Or how to start. Or even what about. I’ve been wanting to blog on and off for a months now but every time I’ve drove myself annoying tryna think about what I want to write about or what I ought to write about even thought my blog really has no particular direction… Just my ramblings right? Sure, loosely based around actually, almost completely around identity politics and my life but hey, you know what I mean. And the more I kept putting it off the more overwhelming that feeling got of, you know, of what to write about something substantial that would move people in someway.

My blog started as a way to channel my feelings and really to unload and overtime I found that my words offered comfort to other people too. How great is that? You’re just tryna deal with whatever you’re going through yourself and you completely unintentionally end up helping other people. I mean, is there a better thing when you’re down in the dumps and really feeling whatever you’re going through and probably being a little hard too hard on yourself and someone comes along and says “hey… me too!” That right there is empathy and it’s surprisingly harder to find than you think. Think about it, sympathy vs. empathy.

Anyway, there is no great sharing or revelation to come in this post, only me somewhat awkwardly tryna get into blogging again. What’s interesting is you’d have thought I’d be doing it on a day where I feel fabulous. Actually, I’ve just got some food and a drink, lit a candle and got riiight back into my batcave where I’ve spent the day (unchanged and unshowered – this is what happens during batcave days and I feel no shame in sharing that which feels great!) watching How I Met Your Mother (even with allllll it’s problems (feminist critique) – guilty pleasure? Okay, there’s a little shame there…) I haven’t done anything I was planning to do (carry on reading Brené’s book, (The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are), uni work, gym and meeting my partner – actually watching HIMYM was the first thing on the list so really, that just lasted longer than expected, right? Yeah, we can go with that. Thanks for the nodding there folks! 😀

So that’s it. That’s all I have for now. I wanna talk more about my journey of mental health – indeed positive mental health and talking about some of the things I’m doing with my therapist and indeed what I’m learning from Brené’s talks and books. I have a lot to share on that and while it deals with all of the difficult things, you know things we don’t like to talk about or that we avoid to talk about – vulnerability, shame, fears etc I wanna be doing a whole lot of that. And And AND it’s got my galvanised in my therapy in a way I haven’t been in a long time. Like, actually galvanised and excited and I can feel it now even writing this. So yes, I have much to share so please do stay tuned. And comment and share your things with me… Around what you’ve learned on your own life journeys about mental health and positivity and good living. I’d love to learn more and hear your stories.

Bye for now!




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