Late night ramblings…

I have an urge to write but honestly, I have no idea what about. I wanted to talk about my mental health as it’s been so up and down really and I hit a low point a few days ago. I haven’t been that low in a long time.

I feel like I start my blog posts often with such uncertainty. I think I should just allow myself to write as the thoughts come to me, or rather, as I’m just thinking, a stream of conscience in a less self-conscious way. I need to stop apologising for my feelings and making excuses for them and most of all, allow myself to have them and not try to downplay or explain away or chastise myself for feeling a certain way even if it may be different from my logical side.

Wow. That was deep.

My head is a bit of a mess right now and this, to be honest, probably isn’t making a whole lot of sense.

I think I’m gonna retreat a little, get back on the Lie to Me marathon on Netflix. Tomorrow I have a seminar, maybe I’ll go to the gym at some point as I haven’t been last week and then I’ll start on one of my assignments. That’s the plan. Oh and sending a parcel. There’s quite a bit in there! And here’s to hoping that at the very least, I’ll go to my seminar (feeling like I wanna hide for a while!) and make a start on an essay outline and research from one of my modules.


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